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The Empress of All in her castle far away
An Empress in Exile...

This is for our special "little" someone that loves us soooo much...you know who you are;)

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want to talk to C&B??Collapse )*gah there is never a good C&B pic when you need it...hopefully by the time this posts I'll have found one...*wink*</div>

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Okie...cause I'm bored...tee hee...nah...I know you all want to dance!

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This is what I do when I get insomnia....ENJOY!!!!

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I was bee bopping along the f-list and saw this lil meme here but I KNOW I should have posted way before then...some MOST EMPortant peebles to The Empress...I know they KNOW how special they are to me but every so often its NICE to be told how MUCH they are APPRECIATED for ALL that they do!!

Ladies I appreciate you...SO VERY MUCH!  If you're not on this list I don't appreciate you LESS I just had a moment of ABSENTMINDENDESS...(that's my story and I'm sticking with it!)

Pick 11 people and give them the "you make my day" award. If you're picked, you are charged with picking 11 of your own. I don't like odd numbers so I rounded mine out to 12!!!

I wasn't picked by anyone yet, (GASP I JUST FOUND OUT from  TAVERSHAM...I am on HER LIST...SQUEE)  but I'm starting a NEW THREAD...(just cause I can)

1. katri_katri 
2. zuzivlas 
3. luvstories 
4. chuckney 
5. mrsalanadavis 
6. colinsgal 
7. its_my_coffee 
8. lawlzify 
9. kyndredspyryt 
10. fbrobey 
11. vanillasky2008 
12. glitterglue_21 

Some very honorable mentions...aka screw the numbers you are my BUDDIES:
sweetsoffy , ros ,  mrslibbyproops , nutellahostage , colmochrie , astarael02 ,  drgncrystlwlkr , garrardsisters , graciewoooo , kd1190 , lokechild , hammerofgold , hannah600 , idmv84 , ipywp , l0v3l1k3w1nt3r , liketostopthen , myannarose , newbiepoet , pyxle , rainstar11 , ryansgal63 , sess_satan , taversham , the_shrimpster , tigergirl742 , time_for_candy</lj> , xaritalee</lj> , simplysly</lj> 

diabolicalfiend , iamcrazyodo , birdlove 
if you're not on THIS  list...that means we prob haven't talked in a while!  Come back and HAUNT  me!!!

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This is the challenge:  Watch this vid and pass it on...I know it seems like another one of those send to 10 people or a house may fall on your sister...but I Guarantee if you've not seen this vid, you will be touched.  Even if you have, you KNOW its impact! 

LET'S get this VIDEO OUT people, and better yet, go and perform your own "FREE HUG" moment...Get out there!!  We NEED MORE LOVE!!!!

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The Measure of a Man...

Today is Brent Spiner's Birthday.  He is the man...the android...the ONLY!

Please wish him the happiest of days and share any Data pics or vids that expresses just how you FEEL about him!

breathe in...breathe out...Collapse )
it's a MondayCollapse )

Look at this man...mmmm hmmmm!

This is THE BEST!!!
I added this to the other post but for his B-day enjoy some Data Ouchies!

Share your FAVE Data moments, pics, vids...ANYTHING and EVERYTHING...HAPPY BIRTHDAY DATA!!!!


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Who (or what) is your favorite fictional robot?
Well of COURSE it's the UNIVERSE'S NUMBER ONE ANDROID!!!  Second in command of the Starfleet vessel the USS ENTERPRISE NCC-1701D Lt. Commander DATA!!!!!!  I mean look at him!!!  And followed a CLOSE CLOSE second by his brother LORE...that naughty boy!!!

FREAKIN' AWESOME DATA vid...sorry there's a bit of Whompage...poor Data:(

 Data and Lore
 Data's Dream
Meh...there's more but I got tired...LOL...Post your FAVE Data pic here!!! 

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Here's My Latest Lazy Town Vid to ogle!

I like to post it here and on the TUBE so I can at least get FIVE views out of it...LOL!

I love this song!  HAD to do something with it!

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