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Writer's Block: Robotic - The Empress of All in her castle far away
An Empress in Exile...
Writer's Block: Robotic
Who (or what) is your favorite fictional robot?
Well of COURSE it's the UNIVERSE'S NUMBER ONE ANDROID!!!  Second in command of the Starfleet vessel the USS ENTERPRISE NCC-1701D Lt. Commander DATA!!!!!!  I mean look at him!!!  And followed a CLOSE CLOSE second by his brother LORE...that naughty boy!!!

FREAKIN' AWESOME DATA vid...sorry there's a bit of Whompage...poor Data:(

 Data and Lore
 Data's Dream
Meh...there's more but I got tired...LOL...Post your FAVE Data pic here!!! 

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sweetsoffy From: sweetsoffy Date: January 26th, 2009 10:07 am (UTC) (Link)
OMG!!! DATA HAD A DREAM?????????????

LOL still agreeing with you on best robot ;)

And nooo by computer isn't letting me search pictures WWWWWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH so I shall post mroe later for you :D
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